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Patterns and Instructions for Making a Range of Doll Clothes

Instructions on how to make doll clothing for any size or scale of doll including playscale and fashion dolls, miniature and dollhouse dolls.

Sew or Assemble Clothes for Dollhouse Dolls
Patterns and techniques for making removable doll clothing, including shoes and underwear for any size or shape of doll.

Assemble a Gift Kit For Sewing Doll Clothing
Make a gift kit for a friend who wants to learn to sew doll clothes.

Make a 'Sloper' or Basic Doll Bodice / Torso Pattern for Custom Doll Clothes...
Make a 'Sloper' or Basic Doll Bodice / Torso Pattern for Custom Doll Clothes Patterns For Any Doll

Make a Basic Pant Sloper Pattern for Any Size, Scale or Shape of Doll
Make a basic pant sloper pattern to fit any size, scale or shape of doll and use it to create custom pants for your doll.

Make A Custom Sloper Pattern for Any Size of Baby Doll
Use the custom sloper pattern made with these instructions to make your choice of well fitted doll clothing.

Sew Simple Removable Jeans for Any Size or Scale of Doll
Sew a pair of simple removable jeans for any size or shape of doll using a custom sloper pattern fitted to a doll and these simple instructions.

Make Removeable Briefs and Camisoles for Dolls
Make removeable underwear for any size or shape of doll

Hand or Machine Sew a Simple Doll Dress or Skirt For Any Size of Doll
Learn how to hand sew a simple removeable wrap dress or skirt for dolls and figures from 1:24 scale on up.

Sew a Simple Hooded Doll's Sweater From a Sock
Make a Hooded Sweater for a dollhouse doll, rider doll, fashion doll or tiny bdj, using a child's sock.

Sew an Easy to Make Doll Skirt From the Leg of a Sock
Make this easy knit skirt for a doll. The project requires only a few hand sewing stitches and uses a sock for the fabric.

Make a Coat Pattern for Doll Coats
Make a custom coat or jacket pattern for any size or shape of doll

Make a Custom Fitted Lab Coat for Any Shape of Doll
Use a basic customized pattern to make a simple lab coat with a lapel and patch pockets to fit any size or shape of doll with moveable arms.

Make Vests For Any Size Doll Using Simple Patterns Made From Custom Slopers
Learn to use custom slopers made on a doll's body to make patterns for a range of vests from woven or non woven fabrics.

Make a Basic Doll's Shirt With Long Sleeves For Any Size or Shape of Doll
Make a doll shirt for a doll using custom sloper patterns cut to fit any size or scale of doll.

How to Choose Small Scale Print Fabric For Doll Clothing with Gathers or Pleats
How to select a fabric print to use on doll clothing with small scale gathers and pleats

Slip Tiny Doll Shoes Into Position With a Shoe Horn
Make a simple shoe horn to make changing your doll's custom shoes easier.

Make Custom Fitted Shoe Patterns for Dolls
Make a custom shoe pattern for any size of doll and test it with miniature Mary Jane style doll shoes.

Make Easy to Fit Beach Sandals or Flip Flops for Dolls
Make these easy to fit sandals or flip flops for any size or scale of doll.

Weave a Garden Hat for Any Size of Doll
Learn simple weaving techniques to weave a garden hat for a doll using a basic hat form made from paper. The same method can be used to weave full sized hats.

Make Printable Miniature Hockey Jerseys in Dolls House Scales
Make six different printable hockey jerseys in dolls house scales from fabric or paper.

Make an Easy Removeable Dress for Any Size of Doll
Make this simple dress for a doll or soft toy by sewing or gluing. The dress is removable, and can be used for children's dolls. It is an easy sewing project.

Make a Miniature Witch or Dollhouse Scale Witch Costume
Make a simple miniature witch for a Halloween decoration or dress a dolls house doll in a witches costume made from paper or fabric.

Elegant Dresses for 1:12 Scale Dolls
A review of the Cynthia Howe Miniatures Costume Pattern "Adriana"

Find Inexpensive Fine Knit Fabrics for Miniature Doll Clothing Including...
Find Inexpensive Fine Knit Fabrics for Miniature Doll Clothing Including Dresses, Tops, and Pants

Using Bunka For Miniature Projects
Ways you can use Japanese Bunka embroidery threads for miniatures, model and dollhouse trims

Make Miniature Western or Cowboy Hats in Dolls House Scales
How to make felt western hats fitted to dolls in the most popular scales for dollhouse scenes or as model horse riders

Make a Printable Miniature Graduation Cap or Mortarboard and Diploma
Make printable miniature graduation caps or mortar boards for teddies, dolls, keepsakes, or as grad party decorations.

Make A Range of Dolls House Scale Hats with Conical Crowns - Pilgrim's Hats
Make hats with conical crowns in dolls house scales, including pilgrim's hats, puritan's hats, leprechauns hats, or a Shako or Fez

Make a Tricorne for a Pirate, a Revolutionary or a Historic C…
Make a miniature felt tricorne hat in dolls house scale for a pirate, revolutionary, or period character.

Sew an Easy Santa Hat or Elf Hat for Any Size of Doll
Use stretch velvet to sew a miniature Santa Claus or elf hat for any size or shape of doll.

How to Make Simple Removable Shoes and Slippers for Dolls House Dolls
Make simple removable slippers for dollhouse miniature dolls from fabric or leather.

Only Hearts Club Ready Made Li'l Kid Outfits Fit Dolls House Children
The Only Hearts Club Li'l Kid Outfits will fit many dolls house child dolls with minor modifications.

Book Review - The Miniature Costumier by Catriona Hall
Review of the book The Miniature Costumier by Catriona Hall, a craft book designed to show the reader how to make removable modern day clothing for a range of child and adult figures in 1:12 dolls house scale.

Make Leggings for Your Favorite Doll
Use a custom pant sloper pattern to fit removable leggings to any size or shape of doll

Make An Empire Waist Doll Dress For Any Size or Shape of Doll
Make a simple empire waisted doll dress to fit any size or scale of doll using cotton fabric.

Make a Winter Fairy Costume For Any Size of Doll
Sew a simple dress and make wings to turn any doll into a winter fairy.

Use Silk Flowers to Make Simple Daffodil Fairy Dresses and Wings for Dolls
Make a simple Daffodil Fairy Costume for a doll using hand stitches or glue.

Make an Easy Evening Dress for Any Size or Shape of Doll
Use ribbon trim and stretch fabric to make a strapless sheath dress for a doll.

Make Miniature Fabric Transfers for Doll Clothing
Make easy fabric transfers from printed paper designs, stickers, or photographs using acrylic paint mediums.

Easy Doll Sweater to Make
Use four way knit fabric to make an easy to sew doll sweater for any size of doll.

Make Elastic Beaded Necklaces for Dolls
Make easy necklaces for dolls from seed beads and elastic cord or thread.

Make a Peacock Feathered Venetian Mask in Dolls' House Scale
This feathered Venetian style mask can be fitted to a doll or used in a miniature scene or shop.

Sew a Custom Fitted Sleeper For Any Size of Baby Doll
Use a custom sloper fitted to your baby doll as a basis for a pattern for a removable baby sleeper.

How to Make Diapers (Nappies) and Diaper Pins for Dollhouse Dolls
How to make miniature cloth and disposable diapers to fit baby dolls.

Sew a Doll Nightgown
Easy to hand sew, this nightgown / nightdress can be made to fit any size of doll.

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