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Sources of Modern Miniature Dollhouses and Furniture in Several Scales

Find Great Modern Dollhouses, Furniture and Accessories


Miniature collectible houses, roomboxes, modern chairs and sofas in 1:6 scale as well as modern dolls house 1:12 scale collectible furniture, lights, appliances and accessories. Other additions for stunning modern design are included, despite being in some lesser used scales.

1. Elf Miniatures

Modern dollhouse scale kitches, bathrooms and bedroom furnishings and accessories are the speciality of Elf Miniatures, based in the UK. They carry mainly 1:12, 1:24 and 1:6 scale but have recently added a line of 1:16 scale items to fit the modern Brinca Dada dollhouses. Some of their items, including a modern semi circular walk in shower, are available as kits. They feature modern pieces from the 1940's on up, including faucets, fittings, appliances, lighting, vehicles and DIY.

2. Delph Miniatures

Delph Miniatures in the UK, have a line of 1:12 dollhouse modern kitchens, store fixtures and appliances. They are also a good source for scale modern glass coffee pots, food processors cameras, cd cases, tools and lots of other current accessories, including fitness and beauty shop equipment in 1:12 scale. They specialize in present day shop and home items, rather than iconic modern furniture.

3. REAC Japan

REAC is distributed in the US by the wholesaler BCmini.com. REAC produce 5 different sets (volumes)of modern seating, 42 pieces in all, in 1:12 scale. These are plastic reproductions of many iconic furnture designs rather than real wood and metal, but the detail is good, designs are correct and the price is entry level affordable at $10-$25 per chair. For some reason these are being sold in home design stores more often than through dolls house suppliers. The chairs do have some good detail, swivel chairs swivel for instance, but they are fairly fragile, similar to plastic models.

4. Roomboxes Etc.

Peter Tucker in Vancouver, Canada, creates modern dollhouse roomboxes, lighting and furniture, including store display cases with real fluorescent lights. His work is in 1:12 scale and covers all aspects of modern, from the 1900's forward.

5. PRD Designs

Paris Renfroe designs modern miniature furniture and houses in 1:12 scale. His innovative range includes "shipping containers" in dollhouse scale converted to living spaces.

6. Kim Selwood

Kim Selwood in the UK creates dollhouse scale miniatures of modern furniture from wood, metal, leather and fabric in 1:12 and 1:24 scales. His work is available at fairs in the UK or via mail.

7. The Contemporary Home in Miniature

1:12 scale dollhouses in a range of modern styles are available from this UK based company.The Contemporary Home in Miniature specialize in houses which have a contemporary edge, but which can fit with other styles of properties in a collection

8. Qubis Haus

Modern dollhouse / coffee table and innovative wood block furniture by Amy Witworth of Qubis. The furniture clicks together with magnets, while the dollhouse can also be used as a coffee table in a living or family room.

9. Minimii

Minimii is a Danish company specializing in 1:16 (3/4 scale) versions of Danish Modern Houses.

10. Miniio

More wonderful modern houses made of wood and bamboo from Poland based Miniio in Europe in 1:6 (Playscale, for fashion dolls. Houses are sold as sets with furniture, although some furniture is available separately. They also have a great line of stickers and wallpaper for contemporary play

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