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Rare Dinky Toy Box for the Avro Vulcan


The Avro Vulcan was a rare Dinky model cast in aluminium. Problems with casting reduced the number of these planes which were produced.
Rare original box for a Dinky Toy Avro Vulcan Model

Rare Box for a Dinky Toy Avro Vulcan

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The Avro Vulcan model is a very restricted edition of Dinky Toy Airplanes made from aluminum. Sold only in Canada, the edition is believed to have been only 500 pieces. Although these models are rare, and the price for one in good condition can be as much as $1400, the original box is even more valuable, being worth up to $1500. A slightly worn version of this plane, with damaged markings sold at auction in January 2007 for $1135.

Reproduction models cast in resin, with reproduction boxes are currently available, but have only a fraction of the value of the originals.

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