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Collectible Miniatures

How to collect, document and track a collection of miniatures, models or other tiny treasures. Information on particular types or brands of miniature collectibles, including collectible villages, Dinky Toys, Wade, collectible animals. Information on making more effective displays of collectibles.
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Dinky Toy Collectibles
A photo gallery of Meccano Dinky Toy collectibles with price guides.

How to Get Started Collecting Miniatures
Thinking of starting or improving a miniature collection? Learn how to refine, document an care for the items you collect.

Tips for Beginning Miniature Collectors
How to begin collecting miniatures and refining your collection.

Make a Dolls House Record Book
If you have a dolls house,or a collection of dolls house miniatures, you should have a record book to keep track of the wiring runs, paint finishes, interior room details and items in your collection. An up to date record book will make it easier to keep track of your decorating plans, add in wiring or lighting at a future date, and insure...

How to Find Information About Your Miniatures
How to use the net and local resources to determine what your miniature is and some of its history.

Document a Miniature Collection
How to document a collection of miniatures, information to keep, ways to record it.

Track Your Model Horse Collection - Record Keeping for Model Horses, Value,...
As your collection of horse models and Breyer horses and accessories grows beyond a few pieces, you'll want to keep careful records. Breyer horses may change in value depending on their rarity, condition, and more, and tracking the purchase price and details helps collectors ascertain the value of their Breyer horse collection. Details on show...

Check the Condition of A Miniature
Questions to ask when evaluating the condition of a miniature.

Money Saving Tips for Miniature Collectors
Expand your collection horizons and use these simple methods to improve your miniature collection without breaking the bank.

Is Celadon a Color or a Type of Pottery?
A description of celadon pottery and the various miniature collectibles available.

Modern Miniature Furniture Collectibles
List of suppliers of miniature collectible modern chairs and sofas in 1:6 scale as well as modern dolls house 1:12 scale collectible furniture, lights, appliances and accessories.

Collectible Modern Miniature Accessories From Action Figures
When six inch action figures go out of style, look for parts and accessories for modern miniature scenes.

The Collectible Miniature Automata of Laurence and Angela St.Leger
Tiny working automated scenes by master miniaturists.

Wade Whimsies - Exploring the History
Information about Wade Whimsies collectible miniatures including the history and recent introductions.

Miniature Black Lights
A review of Lemax's Purple Lights from the Lemax Spooky Town Accessories

Polly Pocket Collectibles Large and Small
Polly Pocket collectible dolls with information on both sizes and main introduction years for playsets.

Before You Buy - Check the Condition of a Miniature or Model
What to ask about the condition of a miniature in order to evaluate or rank it before you buy it.

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