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Make a Miniature Christmas Tree for a Village, Dollhouse or Railroad Scene


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Trim Your Realistic Miniature Christmas Tree to Its Final Shape
Six inch high miniature Christmas tree with realistic branches.

Completed miniature Christmas tree in 1:12 scale with lots of space for decorations.

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Let all the glue dry before you begin the final shaping of your tree.

Use fine scissors to prune your tree lightly beginning from the base and working around your tree. You want to cut through the branch, but not the needles if you can. Some dyed lycopodium can be very brown in the centre and you don't want brown edges of needles and brown stem centers showing in the same spot. If necessary, you can touch up the exposed, undyed areas with green acrylic paint.

You don't want the branches of your tree to be completely uniform, but you do want the shape to be balanced. You will get a better overall shape if you work with your tree viewable against a plain wall or sheet of paper and turn it gently as you work on it. Use the trimmings to add a few more branches into the upper parts of the tree or save them for Miniature Christmas swags, wreaths or centerpieces which can also be used with a miniature railroad or Christmas village scene.

Plant Your Miniature Christmas Tree In a Pot or Base

If you have been working with your tree in a scrap piece of foam to hold it, fill a suitably sized plant pot with a bit of modeling clay, florist's clay, or florist's foam and center your tree in the base. If you are creating smaller trees you may be able to form a decorative base from a semicircular bead.

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