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Make a Miniature Christmas Tree for a Village, Dollhouse or Railroad Scene


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Thin Your Miniature Christmas Tree Base (If Necessary)
Bottle Brush which has been thinned and given the shape of a miniature tree.

A bottle brush designed to be used as the base for a miniature Christmas tree for a dolls house scene.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Thin and shape the bottle brush base

Begin by thinning out and shaping the brush that will form the base of the miniature Christmas tree. Your tree can be any size that will fit with your miniature scene, Christmas Village, or dolls house scale. If your brush has too many bristles the lycopodium stems will break when you try to insert them.

Brushes with fewer strands will make more open Christmas trees which are better for showing off hanging ornaments. Try to make your brush resemble the one in the photo.

Use a bit of modeling clay or scrap of dry floral arrangement foam or styrofoam to hold your brush stable while you add the greenery.

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