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Make Dolls House Scale Christmas Crackers or Bon Bons


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Make Dolls House (Or Full Size) Christmas Crackers
1:12 scale dolls house miniature Christmas crackers.

Dolls house scale Christmas crackers made from ribbon and paper.

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The instructions which follow are intended for making dolls house scale Christmas crackers which are easily made in 1:6, 1:12 or 1:24 scale. If you substitute a cardboard tube for the center, and add prizes, a hat, a joke or verse and a cracker popper from a craft or hobby store, you can make your own full size crackers using the same method. Adjust the size of your cracker ends to suit the length of your center tube, just as you do for the dolls house crackers. They are often used for birthdays, New Years and other celebrations. Halloween and Wedding Crackers are also available.

Christmas Crackers or Bon Bons have been gracing special celebration dinners since Victorian times. Originally created by Tom Smith in the 1840's, they were based on the shape of bon bons (wrapped sugared almonds) he saw in Paris, and included a love motto or verse. With the edition of a small explosive charge to create a crackle, and a small favor or toy included along with a paper hat, the traditional cracker was developed.

Crackers for all occasions continue to be made by The Tom Smith Group today, and they hold the warrant for the Royal Christmas Crackers (whose design and ingredients are secret).

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