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Make a Miniature Spiral Christmas Tree for a Dolls House or Christmas Village


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Materials Used to Make a Miniature Spiral Shaped Christmas Tree
Wired ribbon trim and tinsel with metallic thread to make a cone shaped miniature tree.

Materials to make a variety of wired spiral trees for a miniature scene, dolls house or Christmas village.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

To Make a Miniature Spiral Christmas Tree you will need:

  • Narrow wired trim. This comes from the decorative ribbon/ parcel wrap section of most craft shops.
  • Matching thread for the tree shown I used Sulky Sliver, a narrow band of Mylar thread available from quilting and craft stores which is also suitable to make scale tinsel and other miniature decorations.
  • A quilting or darning needle
  • Light Card to Make a Cone Form you can adjust the size of tree you make by making a large cone and varying the height of the tree, or you can make several different height cones from cardboard.
  • Sequins or ribbon and bead trims
  • PVA (white) glue

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