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Printable Miniature N Scale Village Towers and Castles


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Light Your Miniature Village with Cool LED's
A small LED light string can be used to carefully light printable miniature Christmas Villages.

Tiny N scale printable Christmas buildings can be carefully lit with cool LED lights.

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Battery operated strings of flat topped LED lights can be used to light up a printable miniature village if you follow the following steps and make sure you use lights which do not give off any appreciable heat.

Cut Openings in the Doors and Windows and line them with cellophane by gluing a small piece securely behind each opening. You can use extra pieces from the Additional Parts Pdf on the main Putz Village materials page to cover any badly cut windows or door openings that you make.

Set Your Buildings On a Base The paper buildings are very light weight and will tip over if they are not attached to a wide and well weighted base. See the instructions for

Punch a hole in a back wall for a light Use a hole punch to create a hole that the light from an LED string will fit through. You want a fairly loose fitting hole as you don't want the paper of the building to come in contact with any bare wire at the light socket.

Make Air Circulation Holes Make sure the building has holes at the top for warm air to escape. They can be made just below the roof at the back of a house, or a hole can be cut where a chimney is place on the roof.

Test your Light for Heat You can only use LED's that do not give off enough heat to ignite your paper houses! Test lights fitted in a house to make sure there is no appreciable heat buildup before you set up a string of lighted houses!.

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