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Printable Miniature N Scale Village Towers and Castles


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Printable Towers for City Halls and Castles
Printable towers mixed with other Putz style houses for a miniature Christmas village

The towers in the series of printable miniature Putz houses mix with the other roof styles to form an entire village.

Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

These printable miniature Putz style Christmas village towers and flat roofed buildings were designed to allow N scale or micro modelers to create a traditional North American Christmas village. The towers can be stacked or added on to the sides of most of the printable miniature N scale house designs.

Like their vintage counterparts, these buildings can be finished in a number of different styles. Parts have been included for a rock wall fence, and trees can be found on the extra parts sheet in the section of basic Putz style houses in case you want to make cut out windows or doors to give the houses the full traditional look.

This set of towers can also be used to make fortresses and castles for other project. The buildings work with Micro Machines and other small scales and will serve as a dolls house scale toy castle.

For ideas on how to combine these towers with the original house designs, check out the museum pages of Papa Ted's Place, a site devoted entirely to this style of miniature Christmas house.

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