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Make a Printable Miniature Sleigh


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Ways to Decorate a Finished Miniature or Dolls House Scale Sleigh
A dolls house doll sits comfortably on the bench in the front of this printable miniature sleigh.

A 1:12 scale dolls house doll or two will fit easily on the bench in the front of this printable sleigh.

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If you wish you can fill the back of your printable miniature sleigh with a piece of foam cut to fit, and cover the top of the foam with parcels and toys. Or you can make a toy sack and place it in the cargo section of the sleigh.

Although it is made of card, the sleigh bench should support the weight of one or two dolls house dolls. You can use half dolls if you cover the area where their legs should be with a sleigh rug.

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