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Make Miniature Mistletoe Christmas Balls for Dolls House Scale Scenes.


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Materials to Make Dolls House Scale Kissing Balls
Paper, glue, beads, paper punch, ribbon and paint ready to make dolls house scale kissing balls.

Paper, punch, ribbon, glue, tiny beads and paints ready to make dolls house scale mistletoe kissing balls.

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To Make Miniature Mistletoe Balls You Will Need:

  • Preserved Reindeer Moss In a yellow green color if possible. You only need a piece less than 1 inch square for each ball.
  • Tiny No Hole Beads in a pearl color, or painted pearl, or tiny balls made from pearl colored or translucent white polymer clay.
  • Green Paper I used a small piece of yellow green paper that matched the color of my reindeer moss.
  • PVA (white)Glue I used some of The Ultimate Glue to hold the reindeer moss, normal PVA should work as well.
  • Gloss Acrylic Varnish to make your leaf paper slightly glossy.
  • Small Daisy Shaped PunchMine is about 3/8 inch across. You can cut tiny triangles of paper and round the wide end if you don't have one of these punches. Here's how: Cut a diagonal cut (one side of the triangle) into a 1/4 inch wide strip of paper, leaving what will be the wide end of the leaf facing you. Cut a series of these cuts all in one direction, leaving less than 1/16 inch between cuts. Cut off the top corners of each of these sections while they are still attached to the strip. Now flip the strip over, and cut diagonals from the wide top end you just rounded each section of, to make triangular leaves with rounded tops.
  • Fine Ribbon or gold thread, or thin strips of non ravelling ribbon.
  • Fine Sharp Scissors
  • Fine Bent Nose Tweezers

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