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Make Miniature Mistletoe Christmas Balls for Dolls House Scale Scenes.


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Mistletoe Kissing Balls In Miniature Dolls House Scales.
A 1:12 scale dolls house Christmas kissing ball of miniature mistletoe.

A traditional Christmas kissing ball made of mistletoe in dolls house scale.

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These easy to make 1:12 scale mistletoe balls are set to hang in a dolls house Christmas scene or on a small Christmas tree. They can be made in 1:6 to 1:24 scale using the same materials. If you want to have small balls as decorations for a full size Christmas tree, you can make them with the same materials, just use an appropriate sized punch or hand cut larger leaves following the instructions.

Mistletoe is a European Christmas tradition, which seems to come from Celtic and Scandinavian roots. The mistletoe plant is a parasite which grows in many trees, including the oak trees, from which Druids cut it with a golden sickle, five days after the moon of the winter solstice. Scandinavians revered it as a peace plant, often attaching it above doorways. Druids believed it had life giving powers and bestowed fertility. When it was revived as a Christmas symbol it became a symbol of eternal life for its evergreen leaves, and the ancient kissing tradition was revived as a sign of love, romance and good luck.

For scale dolls house scenes, you can make a few sprigs, or complete kissing balls using the instructions that follow.

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