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Make Easy Miniature Wreaths From Wired Trims


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Adding Decorations to a Basic Wreath
Four miniature Christmas wreaths made from different wire trims decorated with miniature bows.

Simple miniature wreaths made from wired trim can be decorated easily with bows or other scale items.

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Here are a few suggestions on adding decorations to a basic wreath, in miniature or full size.

  • Place Decorations to Cover Mistakes If your wreath has a thin spot, or a place where something is flying away from the basic shape, use a wired ribbon bow or a cluster of decorations to fill out the shape or tie in the loose piece.
  • Use Wire To Attach Ornaments Wired ornaments can be moved around using the wire to hold them in place. If you glue or tie on an ornament you are stuck with the position it is held in, with wire you have more opportunities to adjust.
  • Use Odd Numbers on Round Wreaths Your eye naturally looks for symmetry, to keep it thinking of round, not square, use odd numbers of ornaments (flowers, baby toys, candies, fruit) on round wreaths.
  • Go Asymmetric Adding a bow or a decoration off slightly to one side makes a wreath look more interesting.
  • Consider the Background If your mini wreath will be going on a table to hold a place card, make it stand out by keeping it plain. If it will be held on a painted door to a dolls house, make it contrast with the door, or use a garland of tinsel made from glittered sewing thread to pull your eye towards it.

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