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Make Easy Miniature Wreaths From Wired Trims


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Choose a Material To Suit Your Design
Simple undecorated miniature wreaths made from various wired trims.

Simple miniature wreaths in dolls house scale made from artificial holly, wired kraft paper, pipe cleaners and beads.

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Basic wreath frames can be made from all kinds of materials. Using a wrapped frame means there are lots of places where wires cross that can be used to secure decorative additions. All the frames shown here are made the same way, just using different starting materials. The technique of wrapping a basic circle makes it easier to keep them evenly shaped.

If you want a frame for a fall wreath, use miniature wired leaf garland as a starting point. If you want a wreath with kitchen decorations, use painted wire, or kraft paper (or real vines) to make a plain wreath and decorate it with kitchen spoons, spices , teabags. A vine wreath also makes a good start for a baby wreath design.

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