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Make Easy Miniature Wreaths From Wired Trims


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Easy Wreaths From a Variety of Wired Trims
Four miniature Christmas wreaths made from different wire trims decorated with miniature bows.

Simple miniature wreaths made from wired trim can be decorated easily with bows or other scale items.

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Wreaths can be made of many materials to suit all kinds of occasions and seasons. Scale miniature and dolls house wreaths are easiest to make using some type of wired trim as a base. Full sized wreaths can use the same techniques but wrap the chosen trim around a wire or cutout cardboard wreath frame, rather than on a circle made from trim.

The simple wreaths shown here are made from kraft paper wrapped wire (used to resemble a vine wreath) artificial holly wire trim, a thick green pipecleaner, and a length of beaded wire. Any type of wired trim can be used. If you make a candy garland similar to the one shown for the miniature Christmas Tree decorations, you can use a wire base and make a candy wreath. Ribbon can be looped onto a length of wire, and wire can be wrapped in fabric for rag style wreaths. All use the same technique.

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