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Use Glass Christmas Balls to Make Miniature Terrariums for Living Plants


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Inserting a Living Plant Into a Glass Christmas Ball
Plug of plant roots, stems and leaves being inserted through the neck of a glass Christmas ball.

Gently pressing a plant plug of roots, stems and leaves through the neck of a glass Christmas ball intended as a terrarium.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Wearing gloves to protect against possible sharp glass edges or glass breakage, press the root plug you formed in the previous step, through the opening of the glass ball as shown, taking care not to force the plug against the fragile glass. The roots usually go through best if you twist them slightly as you insert them, screwing them into the glass ball through the neck.

When your reach the leaves or stems, remove any broken bits, or pieces that stick out too far, and gently compress the stems and leaves into a bundle, with leaves pulled up if possible along the outside of the bundle, and continue twisting the entire plant gently into the glass ball.

Take great care not to force the plant and risk breaking the neck of the glass ball.

Allow the rooted plant to fall into the soil at the base of the ball. You will arrange and plant it in the next step.

For rooted cuttings, or cuttings with no roots, follow a similar process to get the leaves through the neck of the glass ball.

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