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Use Glass Christmas Balls to Make Miniature Terrariums for Living Plants


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Getting Plants Established in a Miniature Terrarium
Miniature sedum cuttings set to root inside a miniature terrarium made from a glass Christmas ball.

Miniature sedums root easily inside a miniature terrarium made from a glass Christmas ball.

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When your terrarium is first planted it may be a bit of a mess. The plants may appear broken, there may be leaves which have fallen off and the inside of the terrarium may be covered with dirt. This is normal! If your terrarium is fairly moist, it is best to set it aside for several days to rest before you try to clean the interior. Some of the soil stuck to the sides may drop off as it dries.

Keep your terrarium somewhere out of direct light until it has a chance to establish roots. Moisture on the inside of the terrarium is normal until it starts actively growing. Try to keep your terrarium in a warm place, out of direct sun, until you can see the plants are growing. If you are starting cuttings or seeds, it helps to have the bottom of the terrarium kept warm. Often setting the terrarium balls (in a holder) on top of an older appliance that gives off a bit of heat will help to germinate the seeds or root the cuttings.

Watering Miniature Terrariums If you added water crystals to the bottom of your terrarium, they will keep the moisture in the terrarium fairly constant. You should be able to see the crystals in the bottom of the terrarium. If they shrink too much, add a teaspoon or so of water to the terrarium. These miniature worlds lose very little water, even if the top is left open. If you don't have crystals in the terrarium, putting the terrarium in a warm spot for a short time (in a sunny window for example) should cause some water vapor to appear on the inside of the terrarium. If it doesn't, and your soil appears dry, add a teaspoonful of water, wait for two hours and see if the soil is moist. Try not to overwater your terrariums, especially when they are just starting out!

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