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Make Dolls House Scale Replicas of Glass Christmas Tree Birds


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Materials Needed to Make Dolls House Scale Christmas Tree Birds
Materials used to make dolls house scale miniature glass bird Xmas decorations from polymer clay.

Materials used to make dolls house scale miniature glass bird Christmas decorations from polymer clay.

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To Make Traditional Glass Style Birds in Dolls House Scale You Will Need:

  • Polymer Clay in your choice of colors plus black or deep yellow for the beak. Most traditional birds are gold, silver, red or colors on gold or deep blue. Use a strong, easily shaped polymer clay (in these photos I am using Pardo Clay which contains a high level of translucent clay in the basic colors.
  • Fine Beading Wire This is used for the feet for the bird and to attach the bird to a display. I used #34 beading wire.
  • Tiny No Hole Beads for the bird's eyes.
  • PVA (White) Glue Used to glue the feet and tail to the bird's body.
  • Nylon Fishing Fly Tying Thread You can test other threads you have to see if they shatter into individual strands. I use colored fly tying nylon thread, which falls into tiny segments easily.
  • Metallic Glaze I used a cinnamon and an emerald green metallic paint in the Precious Metal Color range from Viva Decor. Any metallic paint which goes on in a very thin glossy coating will work. Acrylic and water based paints are better than oil based paints which may affect the clay over time.
  • Fine Paint Brush to apply the metallic paint
  • Scissors to trim the thread
  • Glass Headed Pins or another rounded tip to shape the clay.
  • Sharp Clay Blade Sometimes called a tissue blade, used to cut and lift parts if you are not comfortable using a pin.
  • Fine Tipped Bent Nose Tweezers to fit parts together.
  • Polyester Quilt Batting small amount needed to bake the miniature parts on, to keep them from turning shiny where they touch a baking tile or pan.

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