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Quick Miniature Scale Evergreen Trees From Paper Strips


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Adjusting the Curl and Shape of Miniature Branches
Curling strips of paper on a miniature tree trunk to form branches.

Strips of paper branches can be curled after they have dried in place on the trunk of a miniature tree.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

As you continue to add branches to your miniature tree, some may not have as much curl as others. If you forget to curl a strip or find one section of your tree doesn't match the rest, you can adjust the branches. Wait until the glue has dried, then curl the ends of the ribbon or the paper over a straight edge to make them match other branches. You can first fluff up the branches by spreading the curl out from the base of the tree, then after they fall in place, take any branches which are too straight (see photo) and curl the ends to make them match the rest of the tree.

It is best to do this every three rows of branches or so, or you may find it hard to keep the curled strips of paper from tangling with previous layers.

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