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Preparing the Parts for the Printable Glitter Cottage With the Full Front Porch
Partially assembled Putz style cottage with a front porch for an N scale Christmas Village.

Parts for a printable Putz cottage with a porch for an N scale Christmas village layout.

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The printable glitter cottage with the full front porch has tiny parts and is the most difficult of the three houses in these instructions. Cut all the parts free carefully following the lines and fold everything as precisely on the lines as possible.

Assemble the basic cottage following the steps for the previous cottages. In this case the roof is glued on the side peaks, leaving the front peak free. The front edge of the roof may need to be trimmed to get it to fit on either side of the front peak of the cottage. Note that the roof is longer on the left side of the cottage than it is on the right.

Assemble the Porch Roof Support Assemble the porch roof support by folding the sides back so that they make a triangle, then gluing the edges of the tabs behind them so that they hold the triangle together. The tabs will be used to glue the roof support to the front wall of the house.

Glue the Support Columns This is the hardest part to fold, depending on how thick your paper is. Fold this over the sharp edge of a ruler to get a tight crease. The yellow section of the column or post is the tab which you glue to the side to make the square post or column. If you find the posts are too much trouble to make from paper, cut lengths of dowel or round toothpicks to the correct length and paint them with acrylic paint.

Making the Porch Base Cut the black tabs on the front porch section so that each side of the porch has one tab attached. Fold the sides down and use the tabs to glue a basic box lid shape. Trim the porch base if necessary to make it sit flat.

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