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Printable Miniature Putz or Glitter Christmas Houses


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How To Add Glitter and Coconut Style Finishes to N Scale Printable Putz Houses.
Printable Miniature Putz style N scale Christmas railroad cottage with glitter and coconut shreds.

Printable miniature Putz cottage in N scale, decorated with shredded cellophane and micro glitter.

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

The vintage Putz houses made in Japan are often heavily glittered or finished with shreds of cellophane. To achieve this effect on the N scale printable houses, it is easiest to apply the finish before you assemble the house.

Coconut Finishes in Miniature To create a coconut finish, cut thin strips of colored or clear cellophane into short lengths. You can also use clear or irridescent Sulky embroidery threads (as shown above on the conservatory) cut to short lengths. Spread a thin layer of glue on the walls of the cottage, avoiding the windows. Spread your prepared coconut finish over the glued areas, pressing gently in place. Use tweezers to gently push back any pieces that overlap the windows. Set aside to dry.

Micro Glittered Finishes Micro glitter in several colors can be purchased through stamp shops or scrapbooking suppliers. I used a carrera marble glitter from EK success to create a snowy effect on the walls of my miniature cottage above. Apply a thin layer of glue on the walls, then sprinkle the glitter in place.


If you have trouble applying the glitter without getting it on the window and door sections, cut out spare windows and doors from the additional parts sheet (acrobat pdf file) and glue them in place over the glitter once it is applied.

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