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Printable Miniature Putz or Glitter Christmas Houses


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Assemble the Simple Printable Cottage and the Porte Cochere or Conservatory
A simple cottage and crenellated addition, printable miniatures for a Putz Christmas N scale train.

Putz style crenellated conservatory or Porte Cochere and a simple cottage for a printable N scale Christmas village.

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Make the Basic Glitter House Assemble the basic printable house the same way you did the three gables house, making sure the basic shape is square.

Add the Porch Many of the Putz houses have porches where a small santa, a dog or a family figure was diplayed. To make the porch for the simple cottage, cut out the porch and cut the tabs free of the sides. Fold and glue the porch the same way you would a box top. Run a line of glue along one long side of the assembled porch and glue it to the front of the cottage, making sure it remains square to the cottage base. Set aside to dry.

Make the Conservatory Putz houses often had odd towers added to one side. This conservatory can be added onto any of the houses. You can also cut out the sides to make a grand covered entrance, or porte cochere for your house. To assemble the conservatory, cut out the main piece and fold it along the center line of the top crenellated . If you want, you can use a craft knife to cut out the white sections on the crenellations to make them more realistic. Glue the folded crenellation sections together as shown above, then fold the building sides along the fold lines marked on the pattern page. Fold the top tab and roof inside and glue them to each other, then glue the final side to the side tab to hold the building in shape. You may need to trim the crenellated balcony edge on one side to fit the conservatory under the roof of the smaller cottages.

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