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Printable Miniature Putz or Glitter Christmas Houses


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Add the Roofs to the Three Gable Putz House
A 1:144 or N scale Putz house with three gables for a traditional railroad Christmas village.

Miniature three gabled Putz house for an N scale railroad Christmas Scene.

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Trim the Roof Sections Before you glue the roof sections in place, fit the smallest section over the central peak and check that it fits. It may need to be adjusted depending on how closely you cut the roof. If necessary trim the sides to length so that the central peak fits just to the valley. Now take each of the side roofs and fit them over the side peaks, adjust the short side of the roof so that it fits tightly, adjust the long side if there is too much overhang, or if the overhang on the two sides is not equal.

Glue the roof in place Use your glue spreader to put a thin line of glue along the central peaked edges. Place the central small roof in position, overlapping the front and back of the house by equal amounts. Press the roof gently in place and hold it until it stays in place. Spread a thin line of glue on the side peaks and the top of the side of the house. Spread a very thin line of glue along the short end of the side peak roof. Press the side roof in place over the side peak, making sure the overlap at the front and back matches with the overlap in the center peak. Hold it in place until it stays in place. Finish the other side roof in the same way.

Porch Roof Add a tiny amount of glue to the peak and sides of the front door surround. Add a small amount of glue to one long side of the porch roof. Fit the porch roof over the door with the glued side of the roof against the main house. Press it firmly in place.

Window Roof To make the roofs above the windows, fold all the tiny roof sections in half. Run a thin bead of glue along one of the long sides of each folded roof. Using tweezers, press the roof against the house, so that the peak is centered on the window and the sides touch the house just outside the tops of the windows (see photo above). Finish all windows the same way.

Glue the chimney to the back of the center roof peak.

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