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Printable Miniature Putz or Glitter Christmas Houses


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Make Printable Miniatures of Traditional Putz or Christmas Glitter Houses
Three Putz style printable miniature cottages in N scale for a Christmas village display.

Three Printable Miniature Putz Style Christmas Houses in N Scale

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These printable miniature Putz style (also called coconut or glitter houses) Christmas village cottages were designed to allow N scale modellers to create a traditional North American Christmas village. Like the originals from which they are modelled, they come in a series of colors, shapes and additions which can be moved from building to building to make many different styles. The three basic houses above are covered in these instructions, there is a complete list of all kinds of additional styles and pieces to construct a glitter house village which has parts for castles, municiple buildings and churches, as well as a castle, and tiny bungalows, which can be used to add on to the original houses

The originals of these cottages have been given the name Putz from the German verb "putzen". Moravian German immigrants are credited with bringing the custom of villages under the Christmas tree to their new home in the United States.

Like their vintage counterparts, these buildings can be finished in a number of different styles. Parts have been included for fencing and a stylized tree in the correct scale. An extra sheet of parts is also included in case you want to make cut out windows or doors to give the houses the full traditional look.

This is the basic set of buildings in the series and beginners should start with this set until they get used to working with the parts.

If you want to see a full museum of vintage Putz Christmas Houses, look through the fascinating pages of Papa Ted's Place, a site devoted entirely to this style of miniature Christmas house.

If you enjoy building these houses for a miniature village or as ornaments for your tree, there are more building parts available in this series.

More Houses for the Printable Miniature Christmas Glitter Village:


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