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Make Winter Trees For Miniature Displays from Layers of Paper Doilies


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Roll a Cone of Paper for a Miniature Tree Trunk
A paper trunk is rolled from kraft papper for a miniature snowflake tree.

The paper triangle is rolled from the tallest side to the low point to make a tapered cone for the trunk of a miniature paper doily tree.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Cut a long triangle the length of a sheet of paper and roll it up tightly from the straight edge, gluing the pointed end to the roll to form a tight trunk for a miniature tree. You can make the trunks from strong kraft (brown) paper or white printer paper.

Trim the cones to various lengths to make a range of tree heights. For a simple arrangement you will need to make an odd number of tree trunks, with a minimum of three.

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