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Make Miniature Winter Trees from Paper Snowflakes


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Winter Trees for Miniature Scenes Made From Simple Cut Paper Snowflakes
Snowflake trees in a miniature Christmas village

These miniature winter trees made from stacks of paper snowflakes are a great addition to a Christmas village or winter table setting.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

The miniature winter trees shown here are made from layers of simple cut paper snowflakes. These are an easy school or club project for children, provided you help line up the sizes of squares needed for each tree, and use lightweight paper which cuts easily in many layers. This is a great study in geometry! You can make the snowflakes to the simple twelve branched design shown in these instrucions or assemble them from snowflakes cut to your own designs.

Materials Used to Make Paper Snowflake Trees

Materials are inexpensive and easy to find, lightweight printer paper (20 lb works well), sharp scissors and pva glue or a glue stick.

The design is so simple the snowflakes can easily be adapted to fancier materials. Try using flocked paper, glittered wrapping paper or recycled newspaper to create your own style.

The trick in making these trees is to use paper which folds well. I used 20 lb paper as it was easier to cut through multiple folds, than even slightly heavier 24 lb paper. Depending on the size of the tree you want to make, you will need two to three sheets of letter sized paper for each tree.

As well as the paper for the tree branches, you can modify the trees by changing the paper you use for the tree trunks. I used white paper for one of the trees in this scene, and brown kraft paper recycled from a grocery bag for the brown trunks. I like the trees both ways!

Paper Tips for Miniature Projects

If you like these paper trees, you may also like to make the Scherensnitte Style Cut Paper Trees or the Curly Branched Paper trees which also use paper and are easy to make.

If you want very realistic evergreen trees, you may prefer to make miniature trees from preserved lycopodium moss. Combined with tiny pine or fir cones made from paper, these can be used for railroad scenes dollhouses or Christmas villages.

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