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How to Make Glue or Icing Icicles for Winter Decorations.


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Make These Easy Miniature Icicles for Christmas Villages or Decorations
Glitter and glue used to form dollhouse scale icicles for decorative trims.

Glitter pressed into strands of glue in order to form dolls house scale icicles.

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These tiny icicle decorations can be made from glue and glitter, or royal icing and sugar glitter or edible glitter to make decorations which are semi permanent, or edible, for your particular project. The methods are the same, for edible icicles, royal icing is used instead of glue and sugar glitter instead of metallic or iridescent craft glitter.

Easy Flat Icicles

This method, shown here using craft (pva) glue and glitter, involves spreading strings of thick craft glue (or acrylic tar gel medium) onto a smooth tile or other non stick surface (baking parchment, silicon sheet). With the strings of glue spread out on the sheet, cover the strings with glitter, and GENTLY press the glitter (or edible glitter) into the glue strings (or royal icing) without flattening them. Leave the glue or icing strings to dry, then brush off and store the excess glitter. Try combinations of different colors to make interesting icicles to suit your decorations. When the base is dry, carefully peel the flat on one side icicles off the non stick sheet, trim them to length if necessary, and fix them to your project using some of the same glue or icing you used to make them.

Simple Lines of Icicles

To make simple lines of icicles, you can use fancy 'grass' paper cutters to cut a paper strip, or use lengths of irregularly fringed paper, (or a long piece of cut fondant or marzipan for edible icicles) laid flat on a surface. Apply glitter to the paper fringe with glue (use corn syrup brushed on the fondant for an edible icicle strip) and apply your glitter. When the glue is dry, shake off your excess glitter to store it. Use the strips to edge gingerbread, glitter house or Christmas village roofs.

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