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Make Miniature Decorations for a 1:144 Scale Christmas Village


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Form the Main Stem of a 1:144 Scale Christmas Tree
Three quarter inch length of lycopodium forms the start to a miniature dolls house Christmas tree.

Place the main stem for a 1:144 scale dollshouse Christmas tree.

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    Begin by determining how tall you want your 1:144 or "N" scale Christmas tree. The tree in this example is 3/4 of an inch, or equivalent in scale to a 9 foot high tree. (one inch=12 feet in 1:144 scale.
  • Choose a straight, fine piece of lycopodium the right length which has a fine tip, and cut it to the right height.
  • Trim the lower leaves off the lycopodium stem and glue it into the scale flower pot or centre of a heavy bead, or half bead.

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