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Make Miniature Decorations for a 1:144 Scale Christmas Village


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Materials For a Realistic 1:144, N or Micro Scale Christmas Tree
lycopodium moss and a bead to make a 1:144 scale Xmas Tree.

Lycopodium moss and a half bead are used to create a 1:144 scale miniature Christmas tree.

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To make a miniature Christmas tree in 1:144 scale, also known as N scale or micro scale you will need:

  • Scraps of Lycopodium moss(erica moss, prince's pine, princess pine).
  • A 1/2 bead with a hole in the centre of the curve to hold the tree, or a tiny plant pot or solid metal bead heavy enough to balance your tree.
  • Fine Tweezers
  • PVA (White)Glue.
  • Tiny micro beads and glitter shapes for decorations.
  • Magnifying eyeware

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