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Needle Felt Raccoons and Other Animals Make Great Christmas Ornaments


Needle felt animals are fairly simple to make for Christmas tree ornaments. This raccoon project is made in 1:12 scale which makes it a good size for regular tree.
miniature needle felted raccoon baby and parent in dollhouse scale

Miniature needle felted raccoon baby and parent in dollhouse scale useful for decorating a Christmas tree.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd

Needle felting is an easy technique which uses roving (unspun fiber, usually wool or silk) to create felt by pushing the needle straight up and down through the fiber. This is a simple way to sculpt small animal figures in miniature for dolls' houses, which makes them a good size for a regular Christmas tree ornament. The raccoons can be completely felted for a matted finish, or hair can be applied to make them more realistic.

The miniature felted raccoon tutorial covers all the techniques you will need to create an entire tree full of different animals.

Dogs and cats are easily made using this technique as well and the book Fleece Dog which is reviewed here covers how to make a number of different miniature dog varieties from fleece.

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