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Miniature Cut Out Paper Trees For Seasonal Decorations


Trees cut from paper are an easy, inexpensive decoration that can be used for a number of special events.
Cut paper trees made from white paper create a winter scene.

Easy to make paper trees can be grouped for a decorative miniature scene.

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Miniature Trees cut from paper make a great stand alone decoration on a table or shelf. Suitable for a number of seasons (just adjust the design) they are easy to make, inexpensive and effective as a backdrop or addition for a number of miniature scenes or a Christmas village. If you need some quick groves of trees for a Christmas village or a railroad scene, this is a great way to create them. Three sheets of regular weight printer paper in your choice of color, a sewing machine, or needle and thread with thread that matches your paper choice, and a pair of scissors will get you started making these stand alone decorations from the photo instructions linked above.

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