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Christmas Miniatures for Decorations and Miniature Scenes

Easy to make Christmas miniature projects for gifts, decorations, tree ornaments and dolls house displays.
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Gallery of Vintage Christmas Cards and Postcards
Gallery of vintage Christmas collectible postcards and cards

Make Miniature Dipped Wax Candles for a Traditional Log Centerpiece
Make miniature dipped wax candles and use them to create a traditional yule log Christmas table centerpiece in dolls house scale.

Easy To Stich Cabin in the Woods Design for a Dolls House Christmas Stocking
Stitch this simple design of cabins in the woods for a miniature needlepoint Christmas stocking in dolls house scale on silk gauze. Varying the hole count of the gauze will change the scale of the Christmas stocking.

Sew an Easy Santa Hat or Elf Hat for Any Size of Doll
This simple Santa Claus hat or elf hat is easy to sew for any size or shape of doll using hand stitches and stretch fabrics.

Make a Miniature Christmas Tree for a Village, Dollhouse or Railroad
Make this realistic miniature Christmas tree in several scales using a basic bottle brush or bottle brush tree and preserved lycopodium (princes pine or erica moss) greenery.

Make Printable Miniature Christmas Tree Skirts in Four Scales
Make printable miniature Christmas tree skirts in several dolls house scales and styles.

Make Miniature Luminarias or Farolitos in Several Scales
Make traditional luminaria or farolitos for Christmas villages and dollhouse displays, or add them to your wreaths or centerpieces.

Make Miniature Trees for Christmas and Winter Scenes, Villages and Dioramas
Make a range of miniature trees from paper or other materials as backdrops for Christmas villages and winter scenes.

Simple and Elegant Trees Made From Clear Acetate Sheets and Stickers
Make miniature trees for Christmas villages or winter displays, using sheets of clear acetate with flourished designs made from stickers, glitter, or flocking.

Make Miniature Winter Trees from Paper Snowflakes
Make cut paper snowflake trees for a winter table or miniature scene or village.

Make Winter Trees For Miniature Displays from Layers of Paper Doilies
Use folded paper lace doilies to make delicate trees for winter villages or Christmas villages.

Trees for Glitter House Ornaments and Miniature Glitter Houses
How to repair or replicate trees for vintage glitter house ornaments or miniature glitter houses

Setting off a Village Scene With a Backdrop
How to use simple backdrops to extend a miniature village display or nativity scene.

Make Simple Domed Buildings from Foam, Paper and Paper Clay in Many Scales
Domed buildings are relatively easy to make using these instructions. Make them for small scale scenes for nativities, Bethlehem scenes, or middle eastern game terrain settings.

Fontanini Nativity Figures for Christmas Manger Scenes and Creches
Review of Fontanini nativity or Christmas creche figures with descriptions of the sizes and ranges available, collectability, and restyling.

Realistic Miniature Palms Made from Paper or Fabric and Wire
Make miniature palm trees or palm fronds in several model scales for Christmas Nativity scenes and village settings.

Make Scale Miniature Poinsettias for Dollhouses, Xmas Villages or Model Scenes
Make miniature poinsettias in a range of model scales for Christmas ornaments, Christmas village displays, or to decorate a dolls house or miniature scene.

Make Miniature Holly
Use strips of painted paper and a hole punch to make tiny holly leaves for Christmas miniatures.

Christmas Ornaments Hand Crafted From Miniatures
Many of our Christmas tree ornaments are miniatures in some form or another. Check out these projects and try a new one for your tree. Or share your most treasured hand crafted ornament projects.

Tie Miniature Ribbon Bows for Anything From Dollhouses to Hair Ornaments
Use a simple bow maker to tie tiny bows for Christmas packages, or to decorate miniature trees or Christmas ornaments

Miniature Ornament Scenes Made in Natural Japanese Lantern (Physalis) Pods
Instructions for making hanging ornaments with interior miniature scenes from naturally skeletonized seed husks from the Physalis or Japanese / Chinese Lantern Plant

How to Crack Walnuts in Half for Dollhouse Miniatures and Christmas Ornaments
Easy way to crack walnuts into equal halves along their seam line for use as handmade Christmas ornaments or basic shapes for dolls house miniatures.

Share Your Best Hand Crafted Christmas Tree Decoration
Share your stories and instructions for making precious hand made decorations for your Christmas Tree.

Use Glass Christmas Balls to Make Miniature Terrariums for Living Plants
Make miniature terrariums by planting glass Christmas balls with living plants.

Free Printable Boxes for Christmas Miniatures or Small Presents
Make free printable wreath or gingerbread boxes for an advent calendar, or as tiny boxes for packaging miniatures and gifts.

Make Cut Out Paper Trees for Miniature Scenes
Cut out these stand up paper trees in your choice of colors from sheets of sewn paper. They make great free standing able decorations which can be folded and put away with your miniature scene.

Make Dolls House Scale Replicas of Glass Christmas Tree Birds
How to make dolls house scale replicas of traditional glass Christmas tree birds using polymer clay.

Make Curly Branched Evergreen Trees From Paper or Ribbon Strips
Use curling paper or ribbon to make easy yet elegant miniature trees for all kinds of dolls house, gaming and model village scenes.

How to Make Tiny Bells from Polymer Clay With or Without a Mold.
Tutorial for making tiny bells from polymer clay or another modelling material or fondant icing.

Make Miniature Glittered Snowflake Ornaments
Make glittered miniature snowflakes for scale miniature scenes and dolls houses from peel off stickers and micro glitter.

Make Dolls House Scale Victorian Christmas Cornucopias
How to make miniature Victorian Christmas cornucopias in dolls house scale.

Make a Printable Miniature Sleigh
Make a printable sleigh from lightweight card or photo paper.This can be used for a dolls house scale Santa Claus, but is also suitable for other 1:12 scale scenes. It is the right size for a table decoration and is strong enough to fill with Christmas gifts or tiny parcels. Files are available to make this sleigh in 1:24 or 1:48 scale as well.

Make Easy Miniature Wreaths From Wired Trims
Make simple miniature wreaths using wired trims for dolls house displays, Christmas villages, or as a decoration for a package or card. The same techniques can be used to make full size wreaths.

Make Miniature Mistletoe Christmas Balls for Dolls House Scale Scenes.
These tiny mistletoe Christmas balls can be hung in a dolls house, or on your full size tree.

Make Dolls House Scale Christmas Crackers or Bon Bons
Make these easy scale Christmas crackers (Christmas Bon Bons) to decorate your dolls house table. You can make them in different patterns for other celebrations the rest of the year.

Make Miniature Christmas Decorations
Gallery of miniature projects with a Christmas theme. Ornaments, wreaths, Christmas villages, buildings for Christmas railroads, miniature christmas trees, and many more. These miniatures can be used on regular trees or with scale scenes.

Make A Printable Paper Shop in 1:48 Scale
Make a printable 1:48 scale paper building or glue the paper exteriors and interiors onto wood to create a quarter scale dolls house, shop for a Christmas village or O scale railroad.

Make a Miniature Spiral Christmas Tree for a Dolls House or Christmas
Use wired trims to make these easy spiral trees for a contemporary dollhouse scene or a stylized Christmas village display.

Miniature Christmas Tree Ornaments Made From Beads
Make these miniature or dollhouse scale Christmas tree ornaments from a variety of beads. Ornaments include garlands, baubles, and angels

Make Stained Glass Effects for Miniature Christmas Ornaments
Use Sakura glaze pens to color pierced metal beads for miniature Christmas tree ornaments.

Make a Winter Fairy Costume For Any Size of Doll
Turn dolls into winter fairies for Christmas decorations or winter scenes.

Make a Scale "Driftwood" Wreath
Use Spanish moss to make a realistic miniature of a driftwood wreath.

How to Make Glue or Icing Icicles for Winter Decorations.
Easy ways to make edible or purely decorative icicles for miniature displays or seasonal baking.

Materials for Scale Snow Effects for Miniature Villages and Displays
Snow effects for use on backdrops or bases for miniature winter scenes or Christmas villages.

Make Miniature Toy Cars and Trucks From Wood Scraps
Make tiny wooden vehicles for a miniature 'glitter' village using beads and craft wood scraps

Snow Babies: Real "Snowbaby" started it All
Information about Snowbaby collectibles from About.com Antiques Guide.

Printable Miniature Putz Christmas Houses
Make three traditional styled putz or glitter houses for an N scale railroad or Christmas village scene.

Use Painted Paper to Make Miniatures of Popular Pine Cone Scale Trees
Make these realistic, natural finish miniature pine cone scale trees from kraft paper, paint and glue

Steps to a Simple Floral Arrangement
Make a simple centerpiece with a candle and basic greenery for a Christmas tree decoration, as a trim for a gift, or for a dolls house or Christmas village scene.

Printable Miniature Glitter Village Store and Garage / Gas Station
Make an N or micro scale printable village store and gas station for a tiny village scene.

Printable Miniature Coconut or Glitter Houses
Printable miniatures of traditional dime store glitter or coconut houses (sometimes called Putz houses) for use to create your own fantasy village or tree or table decorations from the numerous parts which can be combined together.

Printable Miniature N Scale Village Church and Bungalows
Printable miniature dime store style church and bungalows for a miniature town, railway village, Christmas village, or Christmas tree decorations

Make Printable Paper Shops in 1:144 Scale
Print and make these 1:144 scale shops with two floors and finished interiors to add to a tiny realistic Christmas village.

Make a 1780's Printable Dollhouse in 1:144 Scale
Make this free printable miniature of an 18th Century almshouse for a Christmas tree ornament or as a building for a Christmas village suitable for an N scale train.

Make Miniature Decorations for a 1:144 Scale Christmas Village
Make "N" or 1:144 scale trees, wreaths and garlands for a miniature Christmas village or an N scale Christmas railroad layout.

Make a Miniature Sled
This miniature sled can be used to trim a tree or scaled to the correct size to use in a miniature winter or Christmas village.

Make a Miniature Winter Cabin
Make a rustic miniature cabin for a winter village display using recycled boxes and paper strips

Make Miniature Snowflakes
I've shown these polyclay snowflakes as cookies, but you can also make them with clear drying glue to make strings of snowflake decorations in miniature.

Make a Simple Setting for a Winter Village
Easy ways to make a simple snow scene setting for a miniature winter village, using collectible or printable miniature buildings.

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