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Buying and Selling Miniatures - Dollhouse, Die Cast, Scale Model & Collectible


Determine the condition, worth and collectibility of dolls house miniatures,artisan miniatures, ceramics, models, cars, diecasts and a host of other tiny treasures. Includes tips and techniques to improve your sales at miniature shows.

Miniatures often aren't sold in mainstream stores. Where do buyers and sellers meet? How can you find out what yours are worth? Where can you find supplies or special items?

  1. Buying and Selling 101
  2. Finding Miniatures and Supplies
  3. Miniature Artisans
  4. Finding Die Casts and Metal Miniatures
  5. Buying and Selling Model Horses
  1. Keep Track of Your Collection
  2. Price Guides
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Kit Reviews
  5. Magazine Reviews

Buying and Selling 101

Punkin Head Doll's tea set sugar bowl, with cracks in lid

Increase your sales or your ability to buy with these skills for improving your collection.

Finding Miniatures and Supplies

Side View of a 1:12 scale Witches Cottage

Not all miniatures come off a shelf or through Ebay. Get to know your best sources.

Miniature Artisans

Photo of Angela Gagliardi in her workshop.

Interviews with the best miniature makers in the world describe how they got started and why they specialize in a particular area.

Finding Die Casts and Metal Miniatures

Lead based miniature pirate teddy bear gaming figures by Eureka Miniatures

Where to find collectible die casts and metal miniatures, including figures, animals, cars and other vehicles.

Buying and Selling Model Horses

Traditional Scale Stock Horse Stallion Model Horse

How to choose, buy and sell collectible model horses, including choosing the best models for particular show classes.

Keep Track of Your Collection

Backstamp on Wedgewood

Tired of looking through boxes to see what you've got? Find and record the information that sets your collection apart from the rest.

Price Guides

Pez Snowman and Fred Flintstone candy dispensers.

What is it worth? Check these galleries for information on collectibles and current pricing.

Book Reviews

Cover of the book Landscapes in Miniature by John Constable

Reference books for a wide variety of miniatures and collectibles. This list is only a suggestion. Click on the References and Book Reviews under the Miniature Basics topic to view all the book reviews.

Kit Reviews

Daisy House Table Kit

Should you make it or buy it finished? Lists of kits and suppliers that can help you learn techniques for making better miniatures.

Magazine Reviews

Front cover of the Spanish dolls house magazine, Miniaturas Construccion & Coleccionismo

Choose from this wide range of specialty publications for miniatures

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