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Reviews of Miniature Collectible and Scale Model Magazines


Miniature magazines for collectors and modellers can be tough to find at your local magazine rack. These reviews may help you find some of the top miniature magazines in every field.

American Dolls House Magazines

Every dolls' house magazine has its own particular interests and projects. Check out the following reviews to find a magazine suited to your needs.

UK Dolls House Magazines

UK magazines are generally heavily focused on good quality projects as well as interviews with artisans

  • Dolls House and Miniature Scene is renowned for a wide range of projects in each issue.
  • The Dolls' House Magazine features well illustrated projects covering a wide range of skills and abilities. Good club and average collector coverage as well as clear layout and photography.
  • Dolls House World Magazine lots of cheap and cheerful projects aimed at the hobby market, some variable content overlap with its sister American Magazines; American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures.

European Dolls House Magazines

European Magazines have quality photography and projects.

  • Miniaturas : Construccion & Coleccionismo is a Spanish magazine with wonderful projects and great photography. Even if you don't read or speak Spanish you will enjoy this magazine's printables or cutouts and centerfold collection feature.
  • Dolls House Nederland is a Dutch magazine with lots of speciality regional projects. You can find printables and a list of the current monthly projects on their website, although you will need to read Dutch or use an online translator.

Die Cast Collector Magazines

The US and the UK both have great magazines on diecasts, depending on what your collection entails.

  • Diecast Collector Magazine, a British magazine with outstanding coverage of collectible die casts and newly released 1:43 vehicles. Wide coverage and good tracking of auction information.
  • Die Cast X Magazine specializes in larger scale new die cast car releases and is mainly focused on racing and American muscle car die casts.
  • The Car Room is a bi monthly magazine related to the website of the same name. It covers all scales of the main types of die cast and resin models for the U.S. market

Model Vehicle Magazines

Model vehicle magazines cover a wide range of vehicles from military to farm and industrial. The models are mainly made of polystyrene, but some magazines cover metal models as well.

Collectible Village Magazines

Magazines for General or Specialist Village Collectors

  • Village D-Lights a review of a bi monthly project and collectible village magazine by Collectibles Guide, Barbara Crews

Railway Magazines

Good railway magazines are often scale specific. A number of publishers produce other craft/hobby magazines as well.

  • Garden Railways covers G Scale 1:22.5 - 1:28 scale landscaped outdoor railroads. It is published by Kalmbach Publishing.

Ship Building and Boat Modelling Magazines

Look for a magazine that covers the scale of boat and construction materials you want to work with, choose one that covers a specialized area or historic period, or pick one which blends several aspects of the hobby.

  • Ships in Scale Magazine has a wide range of excellent projects for all skill levels and interests, including stationary models and RC.

Gaming and Collectible Toy Soldier Magazines

These magazines cover everything from collecting and finishing figures to rules for battle and detailed historical information.

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