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Make a Portable Table Top Photography Stand For Your Collectibles


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Introduction to Making a Portable Photography Table
A collapsible photo table made from 1/4 inch plywood

A simple portable table top photo table will hold backdrops and miniatures in place for photographs

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A photography table or stand is a great asset when you are trying to photograph miniature or collectible objects in a studio situation. For most amateurs however it is too expensive an object to buy when you are just beginning to experiment with macro and product photography. This portable table can be collapsed and stored away, or taken to a location and set up on a regular table. It is shown with a clear shelf, which allows you to light your subjects from below. The use of simple shelf supports allows you to tilt the surface or raise it closer to your light source if you wish. You can drape a piece of flag nylon or other white translucent fabric over the table to turn it into a quick light box, and you can easily clip backdrops or a sheet of heavy weight art paper to the back to create a sweep to make a continuous horizon behind your objects.

This design lends itself to several materials and can be adjusted for different size shelves if you normally work with one particular size of object, but would sometimes like a wider or deeper surface to work with.

As the table is easily modified, you should decide what size is good for your particular needs and size the table accordingly.

This isn't intended to take the place of studio photography equipment, but it does give amateur photographers a simple way to experiment with lighting and backdrops, and can give you a better line of product shots for a craft or collectibles website, or a means of making better photos for for insurance purposes.

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