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Jill Bennett is unique among doll makers in how she brings the viewer into a moment of her character's lives.
Jill Bennett doll vignette of a young mother admiring her infant while her son plays with his dog.

Jill Bennet's vignettes and characters suggest her interest in social history, this one is titled France 1789 - Before the Storm.

Photo Jill Bennett copyright 2007 Used with Permission

Jill's dolls are often comments on the social history of the era's she portrays. Titling this vignette France 1789- Before the Storm, causes the viewer to reflect, not just on the beautifully dressed young mother and her children (and the art shown by the doll maker), but on the immense social upheaval which would soon face individuals in these circumstances. Although her dolls may be chosen for their costumes or character portrayal, they are also examinations of the lives of individuals. Jill brings these moments to life and her stands at exhibitions are always surrounded by thoughtful admirers of her art.

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