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Seaways' Ships in Scale Magazine Review

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The Bottom Line

Ships in Scale is a magazine devoted to ship modellers. It is an interesting compilation of kit reviews, building projects, advice and historical background information.

All types of building materials, models and levels of ability are addressed in each issue. There have been articles on building with wood, fiberglass, styrene, even ivory or bone. There are articles on RC boats as well as static display models.

The article style is helpful and inclusive. This is a magazine which respects readers and their varied abilities, and strives to help everyone interested in the hobby improve their skills.


  • Good variety of articles, for beginners through to experts
  • Clear instructions and illustrations
  • Wide coverage of models, from classics through modern.
  • Lots of information on scratch building as well as various kits.


  • Issued bi-monthly
  • Interior photos in magazine are in black and white.


  • Bimonthly magazine covering a wide range of ship building interests.
  • Great projects, good photography and clear instructions. Lots of discussion of ways to improve your skills.
  • Good background articles and historical information on both ships and well known ship builders.
  • The black and white photography seems to be done as a way to create a larger, more cost effective magazine for builders.
  • Great online community links through the magazine site.

Guide Review - Seaways' Ships in Scale Magazine Review

From the moment you open a copy of Ships in Scale it is apparent that this is a magazine devoted to people who like to mess about with small boats. Each issue contains a wide variety of projects so there is something for every interest and level of ability, with some articles in serial form for those who want to attempt ongoing projects. Project instructions are excellent, and make allowances for individual preferences for tools and materials.

There is a nice balance in this magazine between all forms of ship modelling. The magazine isn't only devoted to expensive, precise crafting of historic wooden models, but it isn't entirely focussed on scratch built, naval, or rc models either. There is a sense that the readership are interested in the hobby as a whole, and happy to share experience that crosses interest areas.

If you are new to scale ship building, this magazine and its connected online resources are an excellent place to start. The wide coverage gives a novice an introduction to many areas in which they might find a particular interest. You might want to keep a glossary handy however, as it may take you a while to get used to the specialized language of boat builders and modellers.

More experienced modellers will enjoy the historic notes and updates and the variety of scratch building opportunities the magazine presents.

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