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Miniature Stuffed Animals for the Dolls House from Elles Leenders

Finished Stuffed Animals in 1:12 Scale or Instructions to Make Your Own

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Dollhouse miniature stuffed toy crocodile by Elles Leenders

Dollhouse miniature stuffed toy crocodile by Elles Leenders

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Elles Leenders is a Dutch miniaturist who specializes in stuffed animal toys in dollhouse scales. She creates a wide selection of beautifully hand sewn animals and bears from a range of fabrics, including ultra suede, moleskin, and teddy bear fabrics. In addition to the finished toys, she sells two booklets with full patterns and instructions for making your own stuffed animals. Patterns from her booklets may not be used for commercial purposes.

Beautifully Finished Toys With Scale Details

Elles Leenders stuffed animals are in a good scale for 1:12 or standard dolls house scale toy displays. Highly detailed, they have a whimsical toy appearance and are carefully made from materials which suit both the toy and its scale. Her crocodile for example is only three inches long from the tip of its jaw to its tail, yet it has an open pink mouth, teeth, moveable legs, and detailed finish that gives it the effect of scales.

The sewing of her tiny animals is very carefully done, even the legs, and the backs of the eye bumps on the crocodile, as well as his underside, are carefully detailed for scales.

The toys are firmly stuffed with quilt batting and are made from materials suited to the style and type of toy. Elles uses a range of ultrasuede, velours and miniature bear fabrics to make her wide range of tiny stuffed animals. Prices for the toys range from roughly $30 to $50 depending on exchange.

More Than Toys Alone

Dollhouse scale tutu on a decorated dresser and corset in a box by Elles Leenders

Dollhouse scale tutus on a decorated dresser and corsets in a box exhibited by Elles Leenders at the 2011 Kensington Dolls House Summer Festival

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

In addition to her miniature stuffed toy range, Elles also has a range of decorated furniture and fashion pieces. Her tiny tutus, ball masques and corsets are made with the same attention she pays to her tiny toys. Her delicate dance tutus have finely stitched decorative seams and trims perfectly in scale with the fabrics. The handstitching is perfect, an used to carefully accent the design of each piece. As you might expect from such a talented seamstress, the majority of her range is handsewn, including stuffed halloween pumpkins and bats.

Pattern Booklets Help You Make Your Own Stuffed Animal Toys

Elles also sells two toy making booklets which contain patterns and instructions for a large number of the toys in her repetoire. The booklets are available in several languages, including English, and are priced at roughly $12 to $15 (depending on exchange) for ten patterns in each booklet. The patterns are for personal use only and toys made using the patterns cannot be sold. Booklet one, Small Stuffed Toys contains the crocodile, bears, monkey and other patterns, Booklet two, New Stuffed Animals contains the whale, pig, sheep, horse, rabbit, mouse, bear, caterpillar, kangaroo and lion. Elles has written very clear instructions to go with her simplified patterns which make them easy to follow. The stitches used are the backstitch, mattress stitch, overhand stitch and buttonhole stitch The parts for these animals are very small and I would suggest are best for intermediate to experienced hand sewers who have the patience and experience to turn small narrow sections of sewn fabrics.

You can contact Elles for information about her stuffed toy animals, booklets and other miniatures via her email:elles_leenders@versatel.nl

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