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Buying and Selling Miniatures

Tips for buying and selling collectible miniatures and collections of models, dolls house miniature, die casts and other items. Price guides for miniature collectibles, how to determine value, and how to rank the condition of miniatures. Includes information for taking photographs of miniatures and preparing for sales tables at shows, as well as hunting for bargains
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How Do I Sell A Collection of Dolls House Miniatures?
Information on how to sell a collection of dollhouse miniatures.

Miniatures Calendar
Monthly calendar of events for miniatures and collectibles including dollhouses, model and diecast vehicles, model trains, boats, military miniatures and toy soldiers and other miniature collectibles.

Miniature Stuffed Animals for the Dolls House from Elles Leenders
Review of the miniature stuffed animal dolls made by Elles Leenders in 1:12 scale.

Make a Portable Table Top Photography Table For Your Collectibles
The pieces for this portable table top photography table can easily be cut from scrap plywood to make a sturdy but highly adjustable table which allows you to add backdrops, sweeps, and a light box surround to expand your photography. Better lighting means better photos of your collectibles for a website, a show, or Ebay.

Money Saving Tips for Miniature Collectors
Use these tips to seek out miniatures in places where you might be able to bag a bargain for your collection.

How Do You Save Money On Miniature and Model Displays?
Share your best money saving tips for making miniature displays.

Frugal Tips For Miniature Scenes and Displays
Save money on every type of miniature project. Use these tips to plan, refine, search, build and share and make better miniatures and scenes at a cost you can afford.

Buy - Check the Condition of a Miniature or Model
Things to check before you buy a collectible miniature.

Gifts or Stash Ideas for Fans of Polymer Clay
Check list of popular tools, accessories and polymer clays for making miniature food, dolls or figures, or other hand modelled projects. If someone on your gift list likes working with polymer clay, check these suggestions.

Reviews of Miniature Collectible and Project Magazines
Many specialist magazines are hard to find at your local magazine rack. Here's a list of some of the top miniature magazines in every field.

Miniature Supplies from Yard Sales
Five things to look for at yard sales if you are a miniature collector or builder.

Check the Condition of a Miniature
Questions to ask when you are evaluating or ranking condition of a miniature collectible before you buy it.

Pack and Ship Miniatures (in General)
General Information on how to pack and ship miniatures

Judith Miller's Collectibles Price Guide 2007
A review of Judith Millars Collectibles Price Guide 2007

Collecting Model Cars and Trucks
Review of Tim Boyd's book Collecting Model Car and Truck Kits

Commonly Used Terms: Auction Phrases and Descriptions
Common terms related to auctions. From About.com Collectibles Guide.

How to Package Miniatures Effectively for Show Sales Tables or Online Sales
How to plan for careful packaging of miniatures and craft materials to increase sales efficiency at shows and via mail or online orders.

Schiffer Collectible Books
Website for Shchifferbooks, publishers of specialist guides for collectors in various categories.

Jennifer McKendry has written a thorough history of doll house development with many good reference photos and information that may help you determine what type of collectible doll house or furniture you have.

Vectis Online Toy Auctions (U.K)
Online and onsite auctions of collectible toys. Information, photos and prices from past sales listed as well as estimated prices for future sales.

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