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1:48 Scale Model Windows and Doors From Grandt Line

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Quarter Scale North American Farmhouse

Quarter Scale Dollhouse with Grandt Line Parts

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The Bottom Line

Grandt line produce a wide range of plastic architectural details and building kits primarily for western railroad buildings and 1:48 scale dollhouse construction. They also sell several kits for dollhouse miniaturists. Their plastic construction details are well molded and authentic. Many are based on actual railroad buildings.

Their products are widely used for 1:48  (quarter ) scale buildings and kits from several makers, and the detailed lattice, porch railings, finials and other details can all create a very period look in a very small scale. In each of their styles they have several sized and co-ordinating windows and doors.

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  • Wide range of windows, shutters, doors and details
  • Wide range of scales available, N, HO, S, O( 1:48), and G (1:24)
  • Great detail on hard plastic.


  • Mostly western frontier and Victorian styles
  • Mainly designed for use with railroad buildings, lots of industrial doors.


  • Wide range of plastic building detail parts in many scales
  • Primarily North American style details, mostly Victorian and Edwardian, or industrial modern.
  • Easily used to create a wide range of buildings for model railroad layouts, Christmas villages, or smaller scale dolls houses

Guide Review - Scale Model Windows and Doors From Grandt Line

Grandt line have a wide range of small scale building details which allow a wide assortment of building styles. Their plastic parts are clearly molded with good detail and little flash to clean up. The detail of their casting allows for several traditional paint schemes to be used.

The architectural section of their website lists parts by type, as well as the outside dimensions and the opening required. In the window section, mention is made of coordinating windows to allow you to use matching windows of different designs

Although the majority of their building parts are based on North American examples, a wide variety of architectural styles are possible. A large number of detailed gable ends allows for the creation of very decorative buildings. The range also includes doors and windows designed for railway coaches, and the types of industrial buildings seen at railyards.

These are excellent parts for smaller scale construction, with varied depths in some ranges to allow use in sheet stryene or thinner luan plywood buildigns.

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