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Special Run Breyer Horse Models - Holiday, Halloween and Breyerfest Models

Collect Special Run Breyer Model Horses-Rare Horse Models May Incresae in Value


Special run Breyers and Breyer horse models are model horses that are produced in limited editions. The quantity may be limited, or the company may limit the year of production, the color produced, or any combination of these. The result is a Breyer horse that is rare, or at least much rarer than its counterparts issued during the same year. From Halloween horse models to Holiday horse models, collecting rare and special run Breyers adds a challenging dimension to your collecting hobby, as well as horse models that if kept in mint condition, may increase in value over time.

1. Traditional Scale Breyer Halloween Horses - Discontinued Models

Breyer Halloween horse
Copyright 2011 by Linda Ransom. Used with permission.

Breyer issued Halloween horses for several years before stopping annual production of these special run horse models. Each model featured a Breyer Traditional scale model horse painted in a spooky theme. Some models included special effects such as sounds or lights that gave an eerie glow to the horse's red eyes. You can find such models on the secondary market, through auction sites such as eBay and collector sites such as MHSP.

2. Spooky Stablemates - Breyer Stablemate Scale Halloween Special Run Models

Breyer Spooky Stablemates horse model
Copyright 2011 by Stacy Quick. Used with permission.

After the successful launch of the Traditional scale Halloween special run model horses, Breyer launched a second group of special run Halloween horse models in the Breyer Stablemate scale. Called the Spooky Stablemates Sets, the trio included popular Stablemate molds with Halloween designs. Some designs were copies of the Traditional scale special run Halloween horses, while others were new designs. The Breyer Spooky Stablemates series were also discontinued, but are quite popular collectibles, and finding a complete set in mint condition on the secondary market isn't too hard.

3. Photo List of Special Run Breyer Holiday Horses 1997-2010

breyer holiday horses
Copyright 2011 by Dianne Teachworth. Used with permission

Collectors eagerly await the announcement of the yearly special run Breyer holiday horses. Each year, the company releases a Holiday-themed horse model, typically a popular regular run model horse painted into a unique color and outfitted with special holiday-themed saddle, bridle, harness, sleigh or other decorations. Sometimes the company includes a doll such as Father Christmas or Santa Claus, and in the past they have even released foals as part of their holiday sets. Here are the Breyer special run Holiday horse models, in pictures, for 1997-2010. Pictures courtesy of Dianne Teachworth and Breyer Animal Creations.

4. 2011 Breyer Holiday Horse Models, Ornaments and Collectibles in Photos

2011 Breyer holiday horse
Copyright 2011 by Breyer Animal Creations. Used with permission.

Breyer Animal Creations provided photos and information for the 2011 Special Run Holiday horse models, collectibles and ornaments. Many of the 2011 holiday horse models continue the company's series of majestic breeds, horse model history, or the Holiday Horses to collect and enjoy. All photos courtesy of Breyer Animal Creations.

5. Collectible Breyer Holiday Horse Ornaments

breyer horse ornament
Copyright 2011 by Breyer Animal Creations. Used with permission.

Breyer also releases several collectible Holiday ornaments each year. Ornaments feature their stirrup series, majestic breeds and more. Many of the ornaments feature popular Stablemate-scale molds or even introduce new figurines into the line. Collectors often deck their entire holiday tree in Breyers!

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