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2011 Holiday Horse Collectibles From Breyer


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Breyer Beautiful Breeds Holiday Ornament for 2011: Mustang Horse
2011 Breyer Beautiful Breeds ornament

2011 Breyer Beautiful Breeds Ornament, Mustang Horse

Copyright 2011 by Breyer Animal Creations. Used with permission.

Breyer's Beautiful Breeds Series features a different horse breed ornament each year. The 2011 Beautiful Breeds Ornament from Breyer features a rearing Mustang horse. This fine porcelain Christmas ornament celebrates the Mustang horse, an American breed descended from horses that escaped from the Spanish conquistadors, early settlers and cowboys of the old West. Mustangs are prized for their intelligence and athelticism. The Breyer horse 2011 Beautiful Breeds ornament is the 9th in the series.

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