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2013 Readers Choice Finalists for Best Miniatures Blog


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Jazzi Minis - 2013 Readers' Choice Finalist
Screenshot of Jazzi Minis Blog

Screenshot of Jazzi Minis Blog, Finalist in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards for Best Blog on Miniatures

Screenshot Photo Courtesy Jazzi Minis Copyright 2013

Jazzi Minis is a fun combination of blogs from Australia. The main blog focuses on Jaz's finds and updates, which do a lot to introduce new miniaturists and bloggers. A secondary blog follows the travels of Mini Jazzi who is currently on a world trip. Jaz writes about her blog: I started my blog a little over a year ago and at first was intimated by all the talent out there in miniature world. Along with their blogs I thought how would I ever make a name for myself or my own miniature style? Having a background in education and as an editor of various publications, I decided to put my experience to work and use my own blend of writing - after all, this was my blog so there was nobody to edit me! I love sharing information and helping people not have to "reinvent" the wheel so to speak. I try my best to seek out tutorials, informative blogs and websites and basically educate people. I aim to give back as much as I can through my blog with my Monday Mini Link Party, Whoot! Wednesday and my Weekly Wrap-Up.

The miniature community is the best craft I have ever being involved in. Everyone is so generous, helpful and supportive! Thank you so much to all those who have nominated me for this award, I am very humbled.

Here are some comments from Jazzi Minis readers:

I love this blog, Jaz offers a weekly wrap up with her own mini work updates plus a lot of miniature community oriented posts such as 'things that make Jaz go whoot' which is based on awesome mini finds Jaz discovers on the net and a Monday 'link party' which showcases other bloggers work and Monday

I think Jazzi Minis has done a lot for the miniature community. She has been instrumental in making connections between dollhouse miniature blogs as well as connecting people in the miniature community.

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