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Learn How to Paint a Shaded Base Coat On a Model Horse


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Paint the Flaxen Base Coat on a Model Horse for a Flaxen Mane and Tail
Painting the base coat on the mane and tail of an artist resin model horse

Paint the base coat on the mane and tail for your chestnut model horse.

Copyright 2011 by Kollean Gouyton. Used with permission.

Before adding shading to the model horse, paint the base coat for the flaxen mane and tail. In this picture, "Golden Brown" acrylic paint was added in two thin layers on the mane and tail. Use a narrow acrylic paint brush and try not to get paint onto the body of the horse model. After both coats dry, thin out some of the Golden Brown paint, and paint a lighter coat on just the tips of the mane. This adds shading to the mane and makes it seem like it's glinting in the sunlight! Repeat the process on the tail. You might want to use a very fine paint brush to paint just a few strands in on the tail of the lightest Golden Brown coat.

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