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Learn How to Paint a Shaded Base Coat On a Model Horse


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Learn How to Paint a Shaded Base Coat to Customize a Model Horse
artist resin model draft horse ready for painting

Learn how to create shaded, painted layers on a model horse to add realism to your painting projects.

Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

Painting model horses or changing a basic Breyer horse in any way is called customizing a model horse. You can customize or paint a Breyer model directly out of the box and change its factory color into one you like better, or you can paint white markings on the Breyer horse and customize it just a little bit. Model horse such as Artist Resin horse models are usually custom painted; most Artist Resin model horses are sold unpainted, and it's up to the buyer to prep the model horse and then paint it into the desired color, or hire a painting artist to finish the model for you.

Kollean Gouyton of Stone Wolf Creations, Alaska, shared her steps for painting a shaded base coat. She is using the Boise Bound Artist Resin draft horse.

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