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Lesley Shepherd

Lesley Shepherd

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Lesley Shepherd is a professional educator and craftsperson who has taught a wide range of crafts in miniature to all ages for more than thirty years. She divides her time between designing living collections of plants (miniature and standard) with the world of artisan scale miniatures.

With a background that includes designing and managing museum displays, Lesley's access to professional miniaturists and experience with museum collection and storage techniques extends to collectibles of all types. Raising a family of passionate collectors (verging on hoarders) drew her into the world of miniature books, toys, military figures, working scale models, rc cars and airplanes, and garden railways.

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Lesley is a member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. She is a frequent contributor to The Doll's House Magazine. Lesley also teaches workshops at miniature and gardening shows nationally and internationally. An experienced columnist, television and radio presenter, she operates Lesley's Garden, a miniature and full size garden design business on the Pacific Coast.


Lesley has a B.SC. Ag degree in Agriculture from the University of British Columbia, extending it with studies in Adult Education and Garden History.

By Lesley Shepherd:

Miniatures draw people in with their astounding detail. I love how playing with them or collecting them interests people of all ages and abilities!

My goal is to help everyone find a way they can take delight in this miniature world, whether that is through an introduction to a world of highly creative people, a better way to begin, present or protect a collection, or a new focus to extend skills and enjoyment in the pursuit of ever smaller challenges.


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