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What's limited about a Limited Edition?

By January 27, 2013

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In the world of miniatures and collectibles the term Limited Edition has all kinds of meanings.
  • There are true numbered limited editions where the mold or plate is destroyed after a certain number of casts or prints in order to keep quality from degrading. These editions should (but often don't) come with a Certificate of Authenticity" or some other documentation listing the number of their casting or print. In the world of Ball Jointed Dolls, the term "limited edition" often only refers to the costume or 'face up' on the doll, and a few special add ons included with the doll. The actual doll mold remains the same from edition to edition, so the meaning isn't quite the same.
  • Serialized editions are appearing now in several collectible miniatures, the world of die casts for example, where each die cast will have a different serial number. Lower numbers imply the item was produced earlier in the life of the mold.
  • Limited Edition Releases are often a way of raising the profile of collectibles in various regions. A worldwide edition of 5000, may only have a release of 100 in North America.
  • Time Limited Editions give you a specified time to purchase, or get your name on the purchase list, for an edition which will be limited to the number of copies people will buy within a given time period (often one year). This type of limited edition allows the manufacturer to produce only the number of items wanted in the market.

I'm still a fan of limited editions where the quality of the piece is being protected. I'm not as fond of limited editions which are just titled limited collectible edition with no description of how the edition is going to be limited,or without limiting the production run to only the highest quality!


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